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Benefits of Using the Second Person Point of View in Writing

The second person point of view is among the unique and rarely used points of views among most writers, and it addresses the reader directly which transforms the audience into the character and in the end draws them closer to the story. Any writer that uses this point of view mostly uses 'you' and not 'I' for the first-person point of view as well as 'he,' 'she,' 'it' and 'they' as it would be the case with the third person point of view. Even though most modern novels are commonly written in the first and third person point of views, numerous prominent writers have their work in the second person point of view and on several occasions as well. This article gives some of the popular reasons why some writers choose to use the second person point of view and why more and more writers should choose the same path based on the impact it creates in the end.

It is the perfect way of bringing the reader closer to the story

Intimacy is one of the most popular aspects that appears every time people mention narrative points of views, and the first-person narratives are commonly more intimate than their third person counterparts. The second person, on the other hand, cuts closer which in the end brings the readers closer by making them be the character. It is the perfect opportunity for the reader to put themselves in the character's shoes, think and behave like them as the distance between the two parties is closed up completely making the reader and the character to be one. Be sure to click here to know more!

It is the ideal way of increasing the distance between the character and the narrator

As discussed above, the second person point of view brings the readers closer to the story which on the other hand creates more distance between the narrator and the audience. It is, therefore, the dynamic that enables each of the parties involved to stick and adhere to their roles without crossing over or mixing up everything into the other individual's lane. It is, therefore, the mechanism that controls the energy and dynamism between the reader and the writer. Find interesting facts about writing at

It offers the narrator an audience

As said earlier, the second person point of view allows the narrator of the story to address the audience directly which is something the other points of views do not offer. The writer, therefore, feels like they have a real audience next to them and thus end up delivering their best than they would have if they felt lonely during writing. Check this link to know more!

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